Sunday, 16 June 2019

Summer Photographic Hunt - First link up and photo number 4

Mary-Lou from Patio Postcards posted the first round-up on 14th June and taking part is easy -  just follow the link to the list and let her know you are joining in by commenting on the post. I'm a bit late with my link up but I'm sure she won't mind.  As with the Winter hunt we have twenty themes but they are all very much open to interpretation. My post outlining the list is here and my first trio of photos are here.

Here's my 4th offering for the hunt with many more to find - it's not too late to join in as we have until the end of September to find everything on the list.

2. Single and Pretty.
So many options for this and unsurprisingly I went with a flower. The first poppy of the year opened on 6th June:


  1. It's not to late to link in. :) Glad you are joining in & having some wonderful finds. Your link is there on the list.

    Your pink poppy is absolutely gorgeous & if I'm not mistaken it's an opium poppy is it not? I have been searching for one for a long time.

  2. Thank you - I believe it is an opium poppy - we saved seed from one that appeared in the garden a few years ago - a darker purple but beautiful too - this is the first year they've reappeared in any number.


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