Monday, 24 June 2019

Super surprises

Oh what a lovely surprising weekend we've just had. Saturday morning sunshine meant a brilliant couple of hours at the allotment watching goldfinch parents monitoring their fledglings as they fluttered from hedge to apple tree to rose bush and back and a blackbird male judiciously gathering food for unseen (but definitely heard) chicks in the hazel hedge whilst J planted out our sweetcorn, squashes, peppers and some more flowers. Then in the afternoon my brother and sister-in-law appeared on a surprise visit. For various reasons planned visits had had to be cancelled over the last year so a truly wonderful surprise and a great chance to catch up, share a meal, have a laugh and just generally be together. A happy weekend.

Blackbird dad

There's a goldfinch at the top of that tree, honest

Sweetcorn and squashes in.

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