Saturday, 15 June 2019

Six on Saturday 15th June 2019

Another month has passed in the garden and so I'm linking up with The Propagator again  for today's Six on Saturday entry. You can find out more about the meme and how to join in on his blog here . You'll also be able to see links to all the other participants' posts too. I'm just taking part once a month but many folk take part every week - enjoy! To find my other posts just search on the label #SixOnSaturday.

I took advantage of a brief break in this week's rain to have a peek at all the edibles in the back garden. Many are destined for the allotment but it looks set to be too soggy this weekend to get them in the ground so some temporary re-potting may be required to hold them over. The herbs live here so I have quick and easy access to them from the kitchen.

1. Lots of beautiful Basil - this year's spring sowing of lettuce-leaved basil has germinated really well and this is just a small selection of the developing plants living in the kitchen - if it ever warms up some may end up outside. Already had a few leaves of these to add flavour to the salad leaves.

2. Outdoor Herbs - Cheating slighly here with pictures of both our Mint corner - Apple Mint, Tashkent Mint and Garden Mint all hangout by the drain and benefit from the damp shady space and of our Golden Oregano (and inherited Pinks) which benefit from a sunnier spot on the patio.

3. Purple-sprouting broccoli - nice happy sturdy little plants that will go in the ground soon - plenty of time for these as we won't be harvesting the sprouts until next Spring. In the background are some white sprouting plants too, all nestling on our garden shelves and tucked up in the corner between the house wall and the start of our not-so-long border!

4. Spuds - a trial of growing a few seed potatoes in an old coffee sack bought with our Transition Loughborough seed potatoes in January. You can source your own from The Crop Club. The rest of our crop is at the allotment and we watching the "Hutton Period" forecasts as we really don't want blight this early in the season and wet and mild is really not good. Find our more about "Hutton Periods" and late Blight from the Blightwatch website.

5. Spinach beet - or silver beet or perpetual spinach - lots of names for this staple of our kitchen - these really really need to be in the ground and will keep us in leaves for the rest of the year. Less sensitive than true spinach but just as good in pies and pasties so we tend not to bother with that any more.

6. Apples - our lovely little family tree is covered in baby apples at the moment - mind you so are the path beneath, the pond next to it and the bed below as the June Drop is well under way here. Will wait another couple of weeks before we do any manual thinning as nature is doing a pretty good job on it's own.

Happy Saturday all, hope you enjoy the sixes...

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