Monday, 27 May 2019

Where's our rain?

Long view of the main plot area
As the much anticipated rain didn't appear yesterday we spent a couple of hours back up the plot this morning giving everything a thorough watering, we don't water often once everything's established but when it's newly planted we give the plot a thorough soaking to give the young plants a fighting chance.

Last of the Blue Lake beans in place
We also planted out the last of the climbing beans - Blue Lake and Kew Blue this time. and scattered some Cosmos seeds in amongst the sunflowers so with a bit of luck will have plenty of beautiful big cut flowers later in the summer.

Kew Blues in, cosmos sown, space still for brussels...
Talking of cut flowers, whilst J continued cutting back the weeds and long grass at the edge of some of the beds I delved into the Cornflower patch once more as it had exploded into bloom again even though I picked enough for two vases on Saturday - still this gave me a chance to give two lovely posies to a couple of neighbours that are always looking out for others and being incredibly kind.

 Homegrown, pesticide free and thoroughly beautiful

Last job of the day - picking more rhubarb, admiring the plot, and taking some snaps. A joyous end to a lovely long weekend of pottering - now we really do need some rain!

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