Saturday, 25 May 2019

Happy Place

A gorgeous couple of hours at the allotment today. Really warm and beautifully sunny, we were surrounded by tweeting, cawing, croaking and buzzing as we planted out our climbing beans, peas and courgette. We also added tagetes and sunflowers to the mix so with a bit of luck that's extra food for the buzzies and blooms for my late summer vases. 

Thanks to all Js hardwork prepping the no-dig beds in the cooler months planting out was a relatively quick and easy job, I even managed to put a few of the Blue Lakes and Borlotti in the ground. The paper cup, loo roll inner and plastic punnet plants had really healthy roots and transplanted really easily. We're now hoping the promised Bank Holiday showers actually materialise to supplement the watering we did.

Last job of the day for J was to mow the paths whilst I sat in the shade and watched the goldfinches flit about in the willow hedge chirruping madly at each other. Unfortunately these joyful little critters seemed to be camera shy so no photos of them but I did manage to capture a few bees on the comfrey and what I think is a 20-spotted lady-bird on the alkanet.

 Harvest for the day? Two vases of cornflowers and cerinthe blooms plus a couple of asparagus spears for tea.

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