Friday, 17 May 2019


Wednesday was bone scan day - a scary big deal but a necessary one and yesterday I had a quick trip to the local hospital for a blood test, routine but nonetheless adds to the fret-levels sometimes so afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a quick trip to the local garden centre - we needed compost but I wasn't up to the 25 mile round trip to get our usual peat-free Sylvagrow stuff. Luckily the local Wyevale had some New Horizon peat-free in stock so we've picked up a few bags of that to try out. We used this one a few years ago so hopefully it will be good enough to help our tomatoes and peppers to thrive in the coming months.  They've done well with the Sylvagrow start so I'm just hoping we don't put in a kink in their development with a new compost. At the moment the tomatoes are blocking the light out in the living room window so we really need the frosty nights to be over and done with soon!

We also picked up some new pots and bark compost for the orchids that are starting to to get a little pot bound. The purple one has been flowering its socks off for the last few months on the other window-sill but the white one has been looking more than a little sorry for itself so I'm off to find out how to treat it better and persuade it to flower again.

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