Saturday, 8 September 2018


TMI warning  -
Off to be a guest of the NHS again tomorrow - should be a short stay and will hopefully come away with a stabilised spine - the cancer has weakened the lower vertebrae and as the treatment has shrunk it the bones are crumbling so all being well I'm having them cemented on Monday.
Lots of caveats as last time I went in for this I couldn't have it done because my white cells were too low and they sent me home again. Just hoping that this time it can be done as each month risks the spine weakening more and damaging the cord - not something I want to dwell on for too long. In fact I try not to dwell on the outcomes of any of this if I'm honest, have tried to become a "take each day as it comes" person, but that's not always successful so forgive this foray into trepidation and hopefully I'll return at the end of the week with pretty pictures and news of a successful treatment.

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