Thursday, 6 September 2018


With the nights drawing in I'm becoming increasingly aware of the wheel's turn and of the need for me to find things that I can fill my days with now I am no longer working. At the moment I can potter in and out of the garden or in the kitchen using our weekend harvests but that won't always be an option as the season changes. It's important that whatever pastimes I find can be picked up and put down again without ruining them so we've dug my old painting stuff out of the attic for me to play with. Now I need to be clear here - I'm talking about enthusiasm over talent and high quality relaxation rather than high quality art work but so far it's been fun dabbling again and realising just how much kit I had - nothing new needed to be bought for me to start daubing again so this week I have been playing.  Sketching with pencils, mixing colours, dabbling with washes and trying to get a feel for the brushes. As it's been truly distracting and quite relaxing I think this might be something to stick with - Let's just hope my skills improve!

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