Monday, 24 September 2018

And breathe...

A relatively quiet week due to a bit of an infection and much-needed recovery time - nothing serious but once again I owe many thanks to our NHS support team who always react quickly to avoid things escalating.

 A new gizmo arrived at the end of last week which enables me to upload photos from my camera to the laptop so I look forward to playing more with the camera over the coming weeks. I've spent a short time this morning practising in the garden to get a feel for using it again. With the passing of the Equinox, the ivy now in flower and the last of the apples ripening it definitely feels like Autumn is here. 

As if to emphasise the season's change the bulb order I placed a few weeks ago arrived last week and to my delight there's not a plastic bag in sight - each set of bulbs is in its own paper bag and they all were neatly packed in a cardboard box so no waste from this order as the bags will either do for seed saving or end up in the compost bin once we've found homes for all the bulbs. I'm really looking forward to the colours these will add to our garden in the spring.

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