Sunday, 16 September 2018

Plant shuffling weekend

The strawberry plants called to us this weekend, in fact they've been shouting quite loudly for a few weeks now and we could ignore them no longer. Some ended up in the strawberry planter - we love this ali baba shaped pot and it has been with us for many years but we never have much luck with the plants we put in it - let's hope this time the plants thrive and prove that beautiful can be practical too. The remainder of the plants are now arrayed on the little low wall and raised area that divide our patio from the grass, and I squeezed a few into the wall basket too. Each now has room to grow and should last the winter well with the added bonus that they should be so much easier for me to look after here. 

As is always the way with gardening no sooner had we finished one job then we spotted ten more that need doing so taking cuttings from the pinks and sorting the chives out for over-wintering have been added to the list for the coming weeks, along with planting up the bulbs that I hope will be arriving soon. Meanwhile the pansies are also bulking up nicely and the tatsoi sown just a little while ago is already showing well, oh and the lettuce is  at last sending up a flower spike so there will be seeds for next year's salads.


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