Tuesday, 21 August 2018


The "kitchen table-garden"
Today was pottering in the back garden day - trimming back the dead lavender flowers and giving the plans a light prune, weeding and tidying the small strawberry plants I didn't get to last week and sorting through the lettuce pots removing dead plants and adding some new ones to the "kitchen table-garden" from the tray on the kitchen windowsill.

Strawberries post tidy
We bought one of those cut and come again trays from the supermarket a few weeks ago and a bit of sorting through and pricking out of the stronger ones has given us a couple of good servings of small leaves for a fraction of the cost of salad bags and minimal plastic to boot, which given that all our seed-sown plants withered in the heat has been a great bonus. Several of the plants are still going so hopefully we get at least one more cutting from them. 
Lavender after haircut
The lavender has sent up a few (very few) new flower spikes so I've left those on for the bees and butterflies that are still looking for food. It won't be quite the feast they had earlier in the year but every little bit helps.

Marjoram still feeding the bees too.
There are very few things in flower at the moment despite all the annual seeds we threw into the border in late May. Unfortunately last month's heat hit so many things but I've noticed that a few things are recovering, so with a bit of luck we'll have a some more colour out there in a few weeks time.

A dash of colour

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