Friday, 24 August 2018

Looking forward

It seems desperately early to be thinking about next Spring but one of the lovely things about looking after a garden is that it is a hopeful thing, allowing you to look forward to anticipate and to plan. So this week I have been doing just that and indulging myself in the process with the joy that is bulb & seed shopping! Coming across H.W. Hydes was an unexpected joy - whilst not certified as organic they do grow pesticide free as well peat free bulbs which is wonderful for anyone trying to minimise their impact on the natural world whilst enjoying a beautiful garden.

tulips need company!
So to add more colour to last year's pots I've ordered a mix of spring and early summer bulbs - various short narcissus, an unusual orange crocus, some purple and dusky pink tulips and alliums.

flowers in waiting
Feeling the need to pep up the cutting garden too, I headed over to the wonder that is the Higgledy Garden website and ordered a mix of godetia, achillea, sunflowers, sweet peas and cornflowers in a rainbow of colours. These seeds arrived really quickly so I now have lots of lovely blooms to come. These will extend our season and mean that we'll have homegrown cut flowers well into next summer.

homegrown pretties
Joy from the garden
cornflower chaos

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