Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Homegrown and Homemade weekend

We have had a wonderful extended weekend with garden pottering and kitchen dabbling for me and serious hedge trimming, path strimming and harvesting for J.

Homegrown fruit and veg were turned into pies, bakes and cakes:

Pumpkin soup for lunch later in the week

baked plum, apple and hazelnut
Blackberry & apple pie and cheesy bites
Pumpkin pound cake courtesy of joyofbaking.com

Plants were pricked out ready to give us food next spring - assuming the slugs don't get this batch that is:

Tiny Cauliflowers, chard and broccoli
The only chard and white sprouted broccoli to survive the slugs!
And the allotment gave us beans, peas, apples and potatoes, peppers and hazelnuts as well as much needed time to pause and admire the gentle turning of the wheel.

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