Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Growing nicely...

It wasn't just the spuds that were thriving at the weekend. 

There was plenty of wildlife around on the beds, in the path edges and circling above all adding to the joy of being outside for a few hours

bees on the sunflowers

crickets in the paths

ladybirds on the edges
and rooks and buzzards overhead

The other plants were also bulking up nicely for our late summer and autumn harvests. The beans will be left until fully formed and dried for winter stews and soups. We hope the squash will start setting fruits soon - it's first flowers are already peeking through the leaves and the sweetcorn is looking healthy if a little short but there's still time for them to set cobs.

beans podding up nicely

butternut squash taking over the bed

Sweetcorn spreading

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