Friday, 2 August 2019

Colours of August

Whilst there are still a few soft pinks and blues in the back garden the vibrant reds and yellows of late Summer are really starting to come to the fore now as the geraniums and lavenders start to hand over to the dahlias, the rudbeckias and the really pretty new Summerina which is a lovely cross between an echinacea and a rudbeckia.

The Summerina came to us as a dormant plant much earlier in the year from the lovely folk at Paddock Plants who grow their plants in Peat Free compost and ship with minimal plastic (just the re-usable wallet that the paperwork was in). They even included a note that if this particular plant didn't pick up then to get in touch and they would replace it as they were worried it was a little bit too dormant! As you can see it's thrived.


Rudbeckia Marmalade
Tomato Nova

Dahlia Mignon series 
 And whilst the lavender and hollyhocks may be fading now they are still completely covered in bees and butterflies and bringing lots of joy to the garden.

Bumble bee feeding on lavender

Hollyhocks fading beautifully

Happy Gardening.


  1. Your summer flowers are lovely! My garden is wilting in the heat we are having, but, that is summer in southern California. Spring is my time for flowers in the garden.

    1. Thank you Bless, despite some very warm days here we certainly don't yet have to deal with the prolonged temperatures you guys suffer so high summer can still be colourful.


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