Friday, 8 November 2019

Slow days

Wet night but shaping up to be a dry day I think, if a little grey and November-ish.

Things are improving slowly here as I take a break from the chemo and give my body chance to recover. That treatment is now set aside and once my skin (nasty reaction) and strength returns we'll be trying a different one. In the meantime it's patience from me (a struggle at times) and TLC from J ( who seems to have a never-ending supply of it). There's been lots of practical support from the local care teams and the regular checking in from friends and family too. Brain energy seems to be returning as well so that means I can start catching up on all the blogs, articles and things I have bookmarked over the last week or so too. As I'm not doing much other than recuperate my own blog-posts might be a bit sparse but we'll see.

We ordered a stair-lift yesterday which will be installed next week - a big step but one we always knew would come and it will mean that when muscles are weak and energy levels low I can still use the whole house and J can actually leave it - whereas at the moment I'm back to being largely upstairs as that's where the bathroom is (not TMI I hope!!) and he's on cooking, waiting, door answering and everything else duties.

So that's where we are at the moment.
Bye for now.

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